Mobility Solutions (Differentiators)

  • PDA functionality on low-cost phones (J2ME apps)
  • Capability to build much richer UI/features on Smart-Phones e.g. Android
  • Offline feature: No interruptions (GPRS connectivity drop). Batch Submit feature
  • Ability to save data locally, persisted across sessions. Absolutely no loss of data
  • Self-Service Web-portal: Admin and Reporting functionality
  • Integrates with back-end ERP (e.g. MSDynamics, SAP)
  • On-premise installation. Back-end Server located within customer LAN/data-center

Why Enteleki?

  • Solutions Approach (Technology platform + Domain specific applications)
  • Domain knowledge and intent to co-develop in partnership with customers
  • Low TCO due to usage of standard platforms (no proprietary frameworks)
  • Turnkey application delivery with quick turn-around times (pilots or roll-outs)